Zebra Cake with Fall Colors Touches



Hello! I am The Russian Chefina from my website therussianchefina.com If you enjoy good food, cooking, seeing what others enjoy creating for their family in their kitchen. Welcome to my site!

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2 Responses

  1. We love it when you post Russian recipes Viktoria! We love learning about other cuisines from people with roots in those cuisines, like you:)
    This cake looks and sounds fantastic! The only problem for us is, that sour cream (even though extremely popular abroad) is not sold here in Greece. Could we use Greek yogurt as a substitute though? Have you ever tried that?:/
    Again, congrats for the amazing traditional cake!
    Panos and Mirella

    • Viktoria says:

      Thank you Panos and Mirella!
      Yes, you can substitute sour cream for a Greek yogurt, you can also use buttermilk or Kefir if you can find it in Greece. Please, let me know how it will come out.


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