Rum Raisins Ice Cream Dessert

  • ingredients-for-rum-and-raisin-dessert
  • cooking-raisins-in-rum
    Simmer raisins with rum for 5 minutes.
  • mixing-raisins-with- chocolate
    Then mix raisins with chopped dark chocolate.
  • mixing-ice-cream-with-raisins
    Mix in ice cream into raisins and chocolate.
  • adding-ice-cream
  • putting-cake-layers
  • cake-wrapped-in-plastic
  • mixing-ingredients-merengue
    Bring water, sugar and meringue powder into the mixing bowl.
  • mixing-meringue-2
    Gradually add in sugar and continue to mix.
  • mixing-merengue
    Mix meringue until it builds hard picks.
  • applying-marengue
    Cover the cake with meringue and broil it for 2 minutes.
  • slice-of-ice-cream-dessert
  • rum-and-raisin-dessert
  • rum-raisins-dessert-cut


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