Recipes From My Babushka


Maria my Babuska

Maria my Babuska

My Babushka which in Russian means grandmother, was my inspiration for my first steps along the culinary journey.

I grew up in my grandmother’s kitchen watching her cooking and telling me stories about her life and her surviving through the serious food shortages in 1927-28 when she was a child and then later 1942-1945 during the siege of Stalingrad when as a young lady she was working at a local flour mill sending every bit of its production to supply the Army against the Germans. My grandmother taught me to respect any food no matter how simple. She would never throw away bread even if it was completely covered with mold, first of all she would never let it happened because even if it was a few days old she would turn it into a suhariy (croutons). My family loved to use suharies with soup and as a snack.

Even though we had a great bakery near our house, my grandma loved to spoil us with the fresh homemade bread or pastries made for breakfast, she was also making homemade butter which was going along nicely with bread. She used to get up at 5am to make it for my sister and I. It tasted so good!

I was trying to repeat some of my babushka’s recipes, it usually comes very well but what she was making tasted so much better.

I would like to share with you recipes that I cooked with my grandmother. These recipes, most of them, take some additional time to make but it is worth the extra work.

My Babushka’s recipes:

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