Mother’s Day Soufflé Cake

  • slice-of-cake
  • layer-lady-fingers
  • soaking-agar-in-water
  • cream-the-butter
    Beating butter until it is fluffy.
  • beat-butter-with-sweetened-milk
    Gradually add sweetened milk and beat until it is creamy.
  • bringing-agar-to-boil
    Bring agar and water to boil.
  • add-sugar-to-agar
    Add sugar to agar liquid and stir it until smooth.
  • ready-syrup
    Syrup is ready when you pool it with spoon it will leave a stretchy thin thread
  • beat-egg-whites
    Beat egg whites on high.
  • beating-eggs-with-lemon-juice
    Add lemon juice and continue to beat until soft picks form.
  • adding-syrup
    Gradually add agar syrup into egg whites. It will increase in size.
  • adding-butter
    Then add soft butter and continue to mix.
  • beating-eggs-butter
    Mix butter until it well incorporated.
  • pour-suffley-into-form
    Pour souffle into form.
  • firm-souffley
    Refrigerate souffle for at least 5 hours until it is stiffen up and holds it's shape .
  • applying-ganche-1
    Apply ganache starting from the top.
  • applying-ganache
    Then apply ganache on the sides.
  • bird-milk-cake-side
    Then drizzle melted chocolate and decorate your cake with chocolate flowers.
  • bird-milk-cake-collage-2
  • slice-of-cake-2
  • soufle-cake-Collage
  • slice-of-cake


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