Moscato Macarons

  • brushing-edges-of-pot
    Brush edges with brush to get the sugar crystals out.
  • cooking-syrup
    Mix sugar with water until sugar is completely dissolved.
  • mixing-sugar-with-water
    In the pot mix sugar with water.
  • many-macarons
  • macarons-close-up
  • beating-egg-whites
    Beat egg whites until soft picks form.
  • adding-hot-syrup-to-egg-whites
    Slowly add hot syrup and continue beating.
  • macaron-maringue
  • almond-flour-paste
    Almond flour paste.
  • adding-almond-flour-to-egg-whites
    Gradually add almond paste to beaten egg whites
  • adding-dry-strawberries
    Add ground dry strawberries
  • adding-pink-color
    Add pink food color
  • macarons-shells-before-baking
    Pipe batter into silicon mat 1 1/2 " inch round
  • cooked-macarons-shels
    Bake shells for 12-15 minutes at 300F
  • champagne-butter-cream
  • cooking-champagne
    Bring moscato to boil.
  • adding-champagne-to-sugar
    Add hot moscato into powdered sugar.
  • mixed-champaign-with-sugar
    Mix it well!
  • adding-butter-champaign-mixture
    Add butter and shortening and mix on medium then increase to high.
  • Pink Moscato macarons


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