Light Japanese Cheesecake



Hello! I am The Russian Chefina from my website If you enjoy good food, cooking, seeing what others enjoy creating for their family in their kitchen. Welcome to my site!

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  1. Happy New Year dear Viktoria! It’s been a while since our last visit, and what a wonderful recipe did we find coming back! A delicious, fluffy cheesecake! Yum yum yum! The winter is very harsh (for Greek standards at least) this season, so we’re in the mood for comfort foods and desserts:):) Yours is definitely one of those we’ll be trying out in the next weeks, so it’s definitely pinned immediately:):)
    Wishing you and yours all the best!
    Lots of hugs,
    Mirella and Panos

    • Viktoria says:

      Happy New Year Dear Mirella and Panos!
      I am happy that you stopped by!
      Yes, I heard that the winter in Greece was harsh and continue to be harsh this year. I hope you are staying warm? I saw your new recipes on your website they all look like a winner to me and I would definitely try to make a lasagna because it is my family’s favorite dish.
      I am just getting more busier with my chocolate business and sometimes no time for cooking at all; my family understand it and they are less picky now of what I am making plus due to my health issues,I had to change my diet and eliminate all the meat including chicken.So now all meatless recipes are welcome, do you have any one to share with me?

      I wish you all the best and please stay warm!
      Many hugs

      • Hi sweetie! We’re so sorry to hear that you’re having some health issues…Our best wishes for a quick recovery, whatever it may be. May God be with you.
        Thank you for your wonderful comments on our recipes, and here’s the link for the vegetarian recipes of the website:
        We think you’ll find some of those really interesting to try out:) We especially like the leeks casserole, the hummus, the potato salad and the zucchini fritters in the 1st page. But take a look at all of them (there are 6 pages) and pick the ones that are close to your own preferences:)
        Again, our best wishes for quick recovery dear Viktoria!
        Sending you positive vibes from Athens!

        • Viktoria says:

          Hello Mirella and Panos! Sorry for the late reply, I was just so busy with our chocolate business as we have been attending many different events and scheduled for many more for the entire year. My problems are all stress related and this is the price I am paying after. I am going to be on”no meat” diet for awhile to see how it will effect my over all health, but I feel an improvements already. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful recipes with me I will defiantly take a look at them.
          Many best wishes to you my friends!

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