Layered Chocolate Bonbons

  • cooking-fruits-2
    On medium heat bring together cubed pears, blueberries, water and sugar.
  • cooking-pate
    Cook pate until pears will be tender.
  • blending-pate
    Puree the fruits in the blender.
  • mixing-pectin-sugar-lavender
    Bring puree back to the pan and add pectin, lavender, lemon juice and reserved sugar.
  • cooking-pate
    Cook puree for about one hour until it will thicken up.
  • pour-pate-into-dish
  • steeping-lavender-with-cream
    Steep heavy cream with lavender for few minutes.
  • sifting-lavander
    Pour hot cream through the strainer into chopped chocolate and let it sit for few minutes.
  • mixing-ganache-with-cream
    Slowly start stirring cream with chocolate.
  • ready-ganache
    Ganache is ready when it is smooth and glossy.
  • layer-ganache
    Layer ganache on top of the pate de fruit.
  • pour-ganache-on-pate
    Pour ganache over pate de fruit.
  • weighting-chocolate
    Using kitchen scales measure your chocolate.
  • tempering-chocolate
    Temper your chocolate before enrobing following the manufacturer instruction.
  • chilled-ganache
    Slice your chilled to 61-64F ganache into desirable size cubes.
  • sprinkle-sugar-on-top
    Dip ganache into chocolate then transfer it into the parchment paper and sprinkle with sugar.
  • bonbons-ready-to-serve
    Let your chocolates to dry completely and then refrigerate.
  • bonbons-collage
  • bonbons-sliced-2


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