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    Hello everyone I have been living painfully with Arthritis for over 10 years now. In the beginning I tried the “conventional” medicine approach. To my surprise there is really very little any doctor can tell you for certain and there is only 1 test which is for Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is a yes you have it or no you do not test, all other forms of Arthritis are classified as Osteoarthritis which is more or less a catch all for anything other than Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    10 years ago the “Rheumatologist” I was seeing put me on that heart killing drug Viox which by the way is directly responsible for the deaths of over 6,000 people. Fortunately it did not work for me and I was off of it a couple of weeks.

    After that I was told to take over the counter pain killers and anti-inflammatories like Advil and Tylenol. Well that kind of worked until I was taking so much that I was burning a hole on the lining of my stomach. So much for the “conventional” medicine approach.

    About 3 years ago I heard about several alternative approaches to managing Arthritis. There is a large Canadian study on the effectiveness of Krill Oil:

    1. Deutsch L; Evaluation of the Effect of Neptune Krill Oil on Chronic Inflammation and Arthritic Symptoms; Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol. 26, No. 1, 39-48 (2007 Apr).
    2. Biomed Central Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2010, 11-136

    While there are disagreements on exactly how much to take I started with 1,000mg once a day and withing 45 days I was no longer taking any over the counter counter pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications. That was 4 years ago.

    Today I take 1,000mg in the morning and 1,000mg in the evening, maybe because my Arthritis is worse or the Krill oil is less effective buy what the hay it is pretty much harmless.

    I say pretty much because these is 1 unique side effect. Krill Oil acts as a natural blood thinner, it is in fact as effective as the prescription drugs without the nasty side effects. Well there is 1 side effect, I bruise very easily, not the black and blue kind but a nasty red spot just under the skin which can last for several days. That does not mean that I bleed ant easier just that any scrape or abrasion looks nastier than it really is.

    I have read that Krill Oil also helps with your blood pressure and in cleaning out your arteries but I do not have any direct evidence of that.

    Foods are a BIG deal if you are living with Arthritis, anything that makes your blood more acidic will cause me to begin dealing with the pain, stuffiness and occasionally the burning in my joints (mostly in my hands). Things like tomato sauce (and I love my spaghetti) always effect me, red meat and red wine are also no, no’s.

    I was watching a show on natural anti-inflammatory foods and 7 to 10 tart dried Cherries were highly recommended. Low and behold it helped, see even at 60 you can still learn something.

    More in Part 2

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    Thank you Tiger-Paws for sharing I am looking forward to part II

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