Christmas Tree Meringue



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2 Responses

  1. These are so beautiful! The moment we saw them on your Twitter feed we shared them ASAP!:)
    We recently bought a new stand mixer (our old one broke down after many many years of hard work) and this seems like another delicious recipe to use it for:)
    We don’t have corn syrup here though, is it very thick? Like honey? We do have an amazing petimezi, which is pure grape syrup, but it’s thin. What do you think?:)
    Lots of hugs,
    Panos and Mirella

    • Viktoria says:

      Thank you very much for stopping by, you are always so kind to me leaving this nice comments! I deeply appreciate it!
      I used corn syrup only because it helps for sprinkles to stick to meringue. You can use honey or any other syrups you have as long it sticky Lol.

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