Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

  • chocolate -tart
  • adding-butter
  • adding-raspberry-pure
  • baked-crust
  • blanding-cookies
  • blanding-raspberry
  • chocolate -tart
  • Chocolate-raspberry-tart
  • cooling-the-tart
  • making-ganache
  • melting-chocolate
  • pouring-ganache-into-crust
  • raspberry-pure
  • ready-ganache
  • spreading-raspberry
  • straining-pure
  • tart-crumbs
  • tart-crust
  • tart-crust-ingredients
  • tart-filling-ingredients


Hello! I am The Russian Chefina from my website If you enjoy good food, cooking, seeing what others enjoy creating for their family in their kitchen. Welcome to my site!

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Viktoria! It was so beautiful to get an email notification with this post in our mailbox! We hope the chocolate business is taking off, you certainly deserve it!
    This tart looks incredible, we will be trying it within the next few days -most likely:)
    Sending you all our love,
    Panos and Mirella

    • Viktoria says:

      Thank you Panos and Mirella for your kind words and support it is always very imported for me!
      I hope you will enjoy of this tart as it is very easy to make and if you like chocolate then you would definitely should try it!
      Have a nice week!

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