Brandy Bonbons

  • brandy-bobons-Collage
  • sliced-bonbon
  • bobons-roses
  • ingredients-chocolate-bon-bons
  • heating-cream
    Bring cream up to boil and take it off the heat.
  • adding-cream-chocolate
    Pour hot cream over the chopped chocolate.
  • mixing-cream-with-chocolate
    This process called infusion where the chocolate's fats infusing with cream's fats.
  • mixing-cream-chocolate
    Here is cream and chocolate fully infused together.
  • adding-butter-to-ganache
    Add a dash of butter into your ganache and mix it well.
  • adding-brandy-to-ganache
    Then gradually add brandy and mix it again until fully incorporated.
  • making-ganache
    Let ganache set for an hour.
  • tempered-chocolate
    Temper the dark chocolate according the instruction from the manufacture.
  • applying-gold-dust
    Paint some shells' cavities with luster edible gold dust..
  • cocloring-shells
    Using your fingers or brush paint another shells with red colored cocoa butter.
  • making-shells
    Then pour tempered chocolate into each cavity creating a thin shell.
  • fill-up-with-ganache
    Fill each shell with ganache using the pastry bag.
  • sliced-bobon-2


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